Versioned Querying with OSTRICH and Comunica in MOCHA 2018

In Proceedings of the 5th SemWebEval Challenge at ESWC 2018 (2018)

In order to exploit the value of historical information in Linked Datasets, we need to be able to store and query different versions of such datasets efficiently. The 2018 edition of the Mighty Storage Challenge (MOCHA) is organized to discover the efficiency of such Linked Data stores and to detect their bottlenecks. One task in this challenge focuses on the storage and querying of versioned datasets, in which we participated by combining the OSTRICH triple store and the Comunica SPARQL engine. In this article, we briefly introduce our system for the versioning task of this challenge. We present the evaluation results that show that our system achieves fast query times for the supported queries, but not all queries are supported by Comunica at the time of writing. These results of this challenge will serve as a guideline for further improvements to our system.