Ruben Taelman

My name is Ruben Taelman. I am a postdoctoral researcher at IDLab, imec, Ghent University with a focus on investigating decentralized Web querying and publication techniques for Linked Data.

My goal is to bring query execution over the Web closer to the end-user, so that people become more empowered in how they can find and use data. To enable this, I focus on the research area of query execution over decentralized environments.

The Web and programming in general have always been a great fascination for me, as can be seen from the different projects I am working on. I am a proponent of openness, which is why I aim to open-source all my projects whenever possible.

Next to my main job as a researcher, I also take up small freelancing tasks during my free time. If you're interested in hiring me for something, feel free to contact me.

More about me: