Demonstration of Link Traversal SPARQL Query Processing over the Decentralized Solid Environment

In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT) (2024)

To tackle economic and societal problems originating from the centralization of Knowledge Graphs on the Web, there has been an increasing interest towards decentralizing Knowledge Graphs across a large number of small authoritative sources. In order to effectively build user-facing applications, there is a need for efficient query engines that abstract the complexities around accessing such massively Decentralized Knowledge Graphs (DKGs). As such, we have designed and implemented novel Link Traversal Query Processing algorithms into the Comunica query engine framework that are capable of efficiently evaluating SPARQL queries across DKGs provided by the Solid decentralization initiative. In this article, we demonstrate this query engine through a Web-based interface over which SPARQL queries can be executed over simulated and real-world Solid environments. Our demonstration shows the benefits of a traversal-based approach towards querying DKGs, and uncovers opportunities for further optimizations in future work in terms of both query execution and discovery algorithms.