The Need for Better RDF Archiving Benchmarks

In Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Managing the Evolution and Preservation of the Data Web (2023)

The advancements and popularity of Semantic Web technologies in the last decades have led to an exponential adoption and availability of Web-accessible datasets. While most solutions consider such datasets to be static, they often evolve over time. Hence, efficient archiving solutions are needed to meet the users’ and maintainers’ needs. While some solutions to these challenges already exist, standardized benchmarks are needed to systematically test the different capabilities of existing solutions and identify their limitations. Unfortunately, the development of new benchmarks has not kept pace with the evolution of RDF archiving systems. In this paper, we therefore identify the current state of the art in RDF archiving benchmarks and discuss to what degree such benchmarks reflect the current needs of real-world use cases and their requirements. Through this empirical assessment, we highlight the need for the development of more advanced and comprehensive benchmarks that align with the evolving landscape of RDF archiving.