PROV4ITDaTa: Transparent and direct transfer of personal data to personal stores

In WWW2021, the International World Wide Web Conference (2021)

Data is scattered across service providers, heterogeneously structured in various formats. By lack of interoperability, data portability is hindered, and thus user control is inhibited. An interoperable dataportability solution for transferring personal data is needed. We demo PROV4ITDaTa: a Web application, that allows users to transfer personal data into an interoperable format to their personal datastore. PROV4ITDaTa leverages the open-source solutions, Comunica, and Solid: (i) the toolset to describe how to accessdata from service providers and generate interoperable datasets; (ii) Comunica to query these and more flexibly generate enricheddatasets; and (iii) Solid Pods to store the generated data as LinkedData in personal data stores. As opposed to other (hard-coded) so-lutions, PROV4ITDaTa is fully transparent, where each componentof the pipeline is fully configurable and automatically generatesdetailed provenance trails. Furthermore, transforming the personaldata into RDF allows for an interopable solution. By maximizing theuse of open-source tools and open standards, PROV4ITDaTa facilitates the shift towards a data ecosystem wherein users have controlof their data, and providers can focus on their service instead oftrying to adhere to interoperability requirements.