Querying Knowledge Graphs on the Web with Comunica

Ruben Taelman

Semantics 2022, 14 September 2022

Querying Knowledge Graphs on the Web with Comunica

Ghent University – imec – IDLab, Belgium

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IDLab NDE Digitaal Vlaanderen Australian National University

Knowledge Graphs on the Web
are a multifaceted story

Difficulties for app developers

Abstract access to Knowledge Graphs

Hide the complexities of reading and writing for app developers

Application Comunica Logo Globe

Image credit

Queries as abstraction layer

SPARQL, GraphQL, ...

Heterogeneity and Federation

Flexible and Modular Meta-Query Engine

Comunica is Open

Query in the browser

Query on the command line

Learn more: https://comunica.dev/docs/query/getting_started/query_cli/

Query in an JavaScript/TypeScript app

Learn more: https://comunica.dev/docs/query/getting_started/query_app/

More on https://comunica.dev/docs/

The Comunica Association


Bounty program

Connecting companies with experienced developers

Members and sponsors

Determine the roadmap, and finance its development

Comunica abstracts access
to Knowledge Graphs