Querying in Solid

Ruben Taelman

Research Visit DKW 2022, 20 June 2022

Querying in Solid

Ghent University – imec – IDLab, Belgium


a Web-based decentralization ecosystem

Solid Logo

Personal data pods

Full control of where your pod is stored and who can access it

Solid Pods

Pods can store any kind of data

Personal data, photo's, friends, ...

Solid Pods Storage

Data become decoupled from apps

Centralized App      Solid App

A paradigm shift in app design

Solid spreads data across many sources.
How to build efficient Solid apps?

Queries as abstraction layer

Hide the complexities of reading and writing for app developers

Comunica is a meta query engine


How to query within the Solid ecosystem?

Query books app

Inefficient query plans

Hybrid query execution

Query API in a Solid pod

Exploit structural information

Structure in a Solid pod

Reasoning at query time

Summarization across multiple pods

Summary over Solid pods

Link traversal is promising for Solid