Master Thesis Introduction

Ruben Taelman

KNoWS, September 2021

Master Thesis Introduction

How to get started

Ghent University – imec – IDLab, Belgium

Topics of students present

  1. Robin De Baets: Caching and replication in decentralized Linked Data environments
  2. Sammy Delanghe: Analysis of Property Graphs in SPARQL engines
  3. Lynn Penasse: Performance evaluation of the variety of Linked Data Interfaces
  4. Laurens Debackere: Efficient and secure querying of Linked Data federations
  5. Jasper Vrints, Jonas Bovyn: Query Optimization using WebAssembly

Overlapping themes within topics

Solid / Decentralization

  1. Re-decentralizing the Web, for good this time
  2. Towards Querying in Decentralized Environments with Privacy-Preserving Aggregation
  3. Guided Link-Traversal-Based Query Processing
  4. An Overview on Execution Strategies for Linked Data Queries
  5. Link Traversal with Distributed Subweb Specifications


  1. The RDF* and SPARQL* Approach to Annotate Statements in RDF
  2. RDF-star and SPARQL-star


  1. Comunica: a Modular SPARQL Query Engine for the Web
  2. Comunica Documentation

Linked Data Fragments

  1. Triple Pattern Fragments
  2. Bindings-Restricted Triple Pattern Fragments
  3. SaGe
  4. SmartKG
  5. WiseKG
  6. Towards Cost-model-based Query Execution over Hybrid Linked Data Fragments Interfaces


  1. WASM Website
  2. WasmTree: Web Assembly for the Semantic Web
  1. Topics
  2. Starting points
  3. Next steps

Next steps

  1. Topics
  2. Starting points
  3. Next steps

Final remarks